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What is .Net?

The .NET structure is basically a software framework that was an extensive technology contribution from Microsoft. This program runs essentially on the Windows platform and can be integrated with web-based services and applications. When Microsoft come up with this program, they considered the complications that existed in their earlier discharged programming languages like Visual Basic and VC++, they removed a lot of undesirable complex elements that existed in them and they presented a user-friendly programming structure in Dot Net.

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The fundamental point of .Net system is to simplicity desktop development and web applications. This platform aids the software development of web-based projects. Dot Net is made on a Common Language Runtime (CLR) framework. Programming languages like C# net, VB .Net etc which are compatible. Dot Net helps most businesses as it has many dynamic elements oriented to web applications, desktop software essentials, website support, comfort applications, windows applications and etc.

Some of the advantages and features of the .Net framework

  • Significantly decreases the quantity of code
  • Web applications developed in .NET are Secure
  • .NET provides WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get).
  • .NET provides server controls and blueprints with capability
  • Changes can be done easily
  • .NET is language independent
  • .NET is one of the best choices for developing web based and desktop based application and it makes complex application looks easier. With versatile and dynamic library it ensures security and rapid development.
  • Dot Net is compatible with programming languages like: VB.Net, VC++.Net, C# .Net, C++.Net, V5#.Net

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